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Eric Simmons is a first time author of children's books.

Although writing haven't become natural for me, I was 

inspired years ago. I finally decided after having my son.

I enjoyed seeing his reaction of excitement after reading

to him.

 I didn't find enough books out there that  talked about 

kindness for children so I decided to write one. I grew up 

in New York City. I enter the military at a young age. 

Currently I'm a Nevada resident. I went 

to school at Southern Illinois University were I persued a

career as a commercial pilot. Although I enjoy flying, 

writing is my second passion. I got certified as a NLP 

practitioner. Many would describe me as a workaholic.

Red Rock Canyon. Summlin Las Vegas , beautiful sunrise
Red Rock Canyon. Summlin Las Vegas , beautiful sunrise


Basil is the Flying With Kindness main character:

Basil is the main character of this book. Basil is a kid with a strong personality. In addition, kindness doesn’t seem to come natural for Basil. Basil needs guidance on the importance of kindness. His parents take him on an adventure flying to the Grand Canyon. Along the way they teach him ways to show kindness. There was one person he meets during his trip that has a strong influence on him. Their journey will impact many people and personally affect Basil. 

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